Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes 9.0

Team up with your online friends, explore regions, and fight against enemies
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Helmet Heroes is a massively multiplayer role playing game in which you can team up with your online friends and explore regions and fight against enemies. It features nearly 40 enemies, hundreds of different weapons, helmets, armor, and accessories. You can choose between being a warrior, archer, wizard, or cowboy. Or if you'd like, you can combine classes and create you own mix. You can also dual wield weapons and use shields. There are a large number of special skills to choose from as well as the ability to unleash huge earth-shaking energy levels to impress other players and help you slam through waves of enemies. In your downtime from fighting, you can fish for over 40 different fish, or you can chop down trees to gain wood to craft new equipment. You can also purchase pets which will help you fight enemies and you can even ride them.

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