Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes 9.30

Team up with your friends and fight against various creatures

Helmet Heroes is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that was initially created to be played from a web browser. Now, you can download and install it on your Windows PC or Mac and enjoy playing for countless hours, chatting with your online friends, and so much more.

Helmet Heroes is an Adobe Air application. Hence, you first need to download and install the Adobe Air program before being able to play Helmet Heroes on your Windows PC. Afterwards, you just need to create a personal account directly from the main window of Helmet Heroes and customize the appearance of your character however you like. You can choose the preferred eye shape, hairstyle, gender, etc. New items, such as clothes or weapons, can be bought later on after collecting coins.

You will explore various locations along with other online users, engage into fights against various creatures, and collect items or coins after eliminating your enemies. You can add new friends, trade items with other players, acquire new weapons and armors, and so much more.

Furthermore, the app lets you create and join guilds. Your character can interact with its surroundings (for example, by fishing and chopping), fight against other online players in PvP areas, and even ride pet creatures.

The only thing I'd add to this game would be a comprehensive help guide to teach you the basics as well as offer you some useful hints regarding character upgrades.

Still, Helmet Heroes is an entertaining game for users of all ages that features nice cartoon-like graphics and animations, lets you choose between various weapons and accessories, and can be played for the unlimited amount of time without paying a buck.

Margie Smeer
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  • Nice 2D cartoon graphics and animations
  • You can acquire various types of weapons, armors, accessories, etc
  • Lets you create and join guilds
  • Trade items between players


  • Could use a built-in help guide
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